This 5 piece set perfectly combined to aid in cleansing, moisturizing, & treating hair that’s in desperate need of healing and repairing. Infused with aloe vera extract, healthy enzymes, and vitamins. No more running to the grocery store to pick up slices of aloe vera and making a mess. We've got you covered!

Gain length retention
Stronger strands 
 Healthier scalp 
Hair and scalp recovery 

For ALL hair types, textures, styles, ethnicities, natural, relaxed, and chemical treated hair of adults and children.

Set includes: 
Sweet Aloe Vera Shampoo 
Sweet Aloe Vera Conditioner
Sweet Aloe Vera Leave-in Spray
Sweet Aloe Vera Recovery Treatments
Help My Hair Oil 

It’s recommended to cleans hair every or every other week.
Treat/Deep Conditionat least once a month.

Like all shampoo , conditioners & all other hair products, avoid eye contact and do not consume.

Help My Hair Set #4