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Sleek Pro Hair Care is for ALL hair type


"There are no guarantees when trying to accomplish your goals, but if you give up you are guaranteed to fail. Keep going!"  

-Sleek Pro  

Sleek Pro was founded in 2009 by DeeJa B., a Licensed Hair Stylist in Atlanta, Ga. DeeJa has had a passion for the science and art of the hair & beauty industry since she was a child. After resigning from her job in Corporate America to pursue her passion for hair, she applied the knowledge and experience in understanding the importance of customers service & offering a quality product and service to her career as a hair stylist. After creating new and innovative techniques & services, she was able to grow a large clientele transforming thousands of women hair every year. DeeJa has studied hair and the beauty industry for over 16 years. Her main goal is helping her customers fall back in love with their hair by educating them on healthy hair regimens and the journey to achieving and maintaining healthy hair. 

After years of gathering research and essential ingredients, she formulated a line of products that would lead to one of the best creations in the hair industry, Sleek Pro. First selling to thousands door to door and through word of mouth she has been able to grow the business into one of the most quality and professionally used brands in its class.


Sleek Pro hires winners that believes in our brand and understands the importance of quality and customer service. We use high quality ingredients and value the opinions and reviews of our customers. One head of hair at a time, we plan to change the masses in making healthy hair a reality. 

Discover the Difference Nature Makes

All hair products by Sleek Pro are made with quality ingredients. There are no harsh unwanted chemicals of any kind. Our ingredients are what set us apart from most hair care companies offering scientifically mastered products that fight against breakage and dry hair using many of natures' own good old fashion resources.

100% Sustainability

Our #1 goal is to change women lives across the world by offering remarkable solutions for unhealthy hair. You will find a new appreciation for your hair no matter the length or texture. The shampoo's, conditioner's, hair oils, treatment, & vitamins provides a well-balanced hair regimen. What tops it off, are the professional and quality styling tools by Sleek Pro.


So after cleaning your hair & scalp with our Sweet Moroccan Shampoo followed by our vitamin enrich formulated conditioner, you can style your hair as desired with our light Anti-breakage + Growth formula and our Titanium Profession Sleek Pro flat irons.  We back our products with integrity.

Never Tested on Animals

We believe in human rights and animal rights. We pride ourselves as being a company that avoids bringing harm to animals due to unlawful experimenting. We test our products on 100% unprocessed REAL human hair. Real result, real quality, & a high level of integrity is what we strive for in our business.

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