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Healthier fuller hair with a quality pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Sleek Pro Vitamins?

Sleek Pro Hair Vitamins are a very great source for repairing hair and accelerating hair growth. We have proven results and our vitamins aid in getting hair thicker and longer. It is also great for healing flaky and irritated scalp as well as eliminating excessive shedding, it’s also great for troubled skin to aid in healing acne and to aid in strong healthier nails.

How do I take Sleek Pro Vitamins and what if I miss a day?

Sleek Pro Vitamins should be taken once a day preferably in the mornings with a glass of water. Take only 2 a day. If you miss a day, no worries, just pick up the next morning where you left off. Keep in mind that for the best results, it is best to try to stay consistent with your daily dosage. 

Are there any negative side effects?

We are proud to say that Sleek Pro Hair Skin & Nail Vitamins are safe dietary supplements manufactured in FDA approved facilities. Our vitamins are 100% free of drugs and are in compliance with the FDA guidelines. For peace of mind and safety of our customers we provide a list of ingredients & product usage details on all bottles as each customer is encouraged to read. There are no known side effects and each bottle is sealed to guarantee safety and to avoid tampering during shipping. We stand by our products and we put the safety of our customers 1st.

How does it affect hair growth on other parts of my body?

Our vitamins were formulated specifically to target the scalp and hair on your head. No other parts on your body should be effected by taking Sleek Pro Vitamins. However, it does help clear skin on other part of your body such as acne breakouts on your back and shoulders and it is formulated to make your nail beds stronger and healthier. The special formulations are specially made for your hair, scalp, skin, and nails. What a great combination.

What will happen if I were to stop taking Sleek Pro Vitamins?

There are no known downside or negative side effects if you choose to discontinue taking the vitamins.

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