Sleek Pro Titanium Flat Irons are known for its high level of performance on any textured hair. With temperature control, you can go up 320F to 450F in a matter of seconds.
Additional SPECIAL heat settings for " HEALTHY, DAMAGED, & FRAGILE" hair.
Titanium durable plates. 

******* UPDATE: As of 12/16 this item is fully in stock & is not a pre-order item. It is currently available for regular order & regular shipping. 

*******Be the first to get these as soon as they are back in stock.  THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER. Pre-ordered items are shipped IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL to our warehouse and a tracking number is sent as soon as it ships. Pre-orders arrival to our warehouse can range from 1 to 4 weeks. (MOST TIMES 1 - 2) and you should receive it between 4 - 6 business days AFTER it's arrival to our warehouse because again, we ship pre-orders out same day and IMMEDIATELY once it arrives to our warehouse. There is no need to send a friendly "where is my order or when will it ship" email, WE GOT YOU COVERED! Please remember this is a pre-order item and you will receive a confirmation email after checkout as your confirmation of purchase. Please refer back to this for an idea on the time frame & shipping expextations. If other "in stock" items are ordered with the "pre-ordered" items, the in stock items will be sent ahead!

*******PRE-ORDER UPDATE as of 12/7/2020: YEEEEEY! It took even less time than we thought.  Shipment is scheduled to arrive Wednesday December 16th. ALL pre-ordered items will be shipped that day and you get to be the FIRST to receive it because you pre-ordered!!!! *******
*Keep all hot tools away from children.

Sleek Pro 1" Professional Styling Iron


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