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A soothing moisturizer that penetrate strands to soften, repair, fight dry flaky scalp, and strengthen hair from roots to ends. Infused with healthy enzymes, vitamin A, C, & E to start the process of healing and nourishing distressed hair & scalp. This conditioner along with other products in the Sweet Aloe Vera Collection are geared towards RECOVERY & HEALING of your your strands. 


For ALL hair types, textures, styles, & ethnicities, whether weaved, natural or relaxed.

Sweet Aloe Vera Conditioner

  • Usage: After shampooing with Sleek Pro Shampoo, add the amount of a quarter size or 2 onto wet hair. Comb through thoroughly. Let sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Apply more if needed for extremely long hair. Rinse out with cool water. Towel or blow dry and style as desired. Leave-in conditioners are always recommended.

    Like any other shampoo and conditioner and any other hair products, avoid eye contact and do not consume.

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